Women's Skirt Dark Denim Jeans Skirt


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Traveling ,lounging, chill-in, How to be comfortable you ask? This dark denim blue skirt has a casual look, but at the same time very classy and very on trend. This denim skirt features a wrap around wear, belt loops, button closure.

Size And Measurements:

Small: L: 23" W: 26"

Medium: L: 24" W: 27"

Large: L: 25" W: 28"

Color: Blue

Item Fit / Dimensions: Small: L: 23" W: 26" Medium: L: 24" W: 27" Large: L: 25" W: 28"

Made In: Made In China

Shipped From: Brooklyn, New York

Lead Time: 1 - 2 days


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