• Epethiya Loyalty Program: Claim Exclusive Benefits Now!

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    Epethiya cares about is customers and wants to make it as convenient for them as possible. It completely understands the financial concerns of customers and therefore, has brought forward, a loyalty program to provide different services.

    By joining this program, customers will get different discounts and coupons. You’ll get a specific reward for making a purchase of a set amount. Also, if you join the program, you will be able to turn every like, share and follow into points. Isn’t this amazing? You can then use these points and reward in your future shopping with Epethiya.

    Here is the list of offers Epethiya loyalty program promises to provide:

    Rewards on shopping with Epethiya

    • for orders over $5

    $5 off coupon-500 Points

    If you order products of around $5, you’ll get a discount coupon of around 500  points.

    • for orders over $10

    $10 off coupon-1000 Points

    Upon $10 shopping, you’ll get a coupon of $10 discount. There will be around 1000 points

    • for orders over $25

    $25 off coupon-2500 Points

    On online shopping of over $25, you’ll get a coupon of $25 discount. You’ll get around 2500 points.

    Earn more points using social media

    Social media like twitter, Facebook and Instagram also are a good way of earning more points. Epethya has thus changed the concept of social media and has turned it into a useful exercise.

     The offers are as follows:

    • Follow on Instagram

    100 Points

    • Follow on Twitter

    100 Points

    • Like on Facebook

    100 Points

    • Share on Twitter

    100 Points

    • Share on Facebook

    100 Points

    • Place an order

    1 Point for every $1 spent

    • Signup

    500 Points

    So, now you can put your social media accounts to some benefit by gathering additional points which you can use in your shopping with Epethiya. This makes around 000 points Apart from it; every order of $1 gives you 1 point. This means the more you shop more points you’ll get and hence greater discount.

    Epethiya is thus an online website which understands the needs of customers and strongly believes in maintain healthy customer relationships. It has great regards for its buyers and aims at providing them with best- quality products which fit best to their demands and that also at the most economical price. The discount coupons and points are additional rewards!

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