• Celebrate This Mothers Day With The Mother in You!

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    Whenever a woman is born, there is a mother inside her. The amazing mother she’ll grow up to be, the mother of her children, their shade and asset, their guide. However, there is something else also, apart from all these usual responsibilities; the feelings of true love, infatuation and the reflection of true friendship. All these feelings amalgamate into a single personality who amazingly delivers these more beautifully than anyone else can.

    This Mothers Day, celebrate the beauty of this personality with Epethiya. It brings you a range of products which are specially designed to reflect the true personality of a mother. All the girls out there can buy these for their mothers as well as for themselves. After all, they’ll also grow up to be one, one day.

    These skin-hugging leggings have been manufactured from the best-quality fabric. The careful choice o colors and design makes them even more eye-catching. The vibrant prints which are promised to never fade and provide fit performance will be a unique choice for this Mothers Day.

    Let’s have a look at the products:

    1.     Watching You Yoga Legging

    Insert image: https://epethiya.com/collections/folklore/products/epethiya-two-eyes-yoga-legging?variant=36747750668

    These leggings are best at providing comfort. Their design reflects a mother’s nature in a true sense. The eyes are indicative of how keen mothers are about their child’s activities and how strong an eye they keeps on him. Moreover, the vibrant colors really uplift the beauty of these leggings and attract the sight of customers.

    2.     I am Pretty Legging

    Insert image: https://epethiya.com/collections/folklore/products/epethiya-colorful-legging?variant=36730550156

    This can be a perfect choice for yoga as well as dinner. These skim-hugging legging will definitely make you stand out in the gathering! The choice of colors in the manufacture of these leggings seems to be a very thoughtful one. The purple color stands out and gives it a cool look.

    3.     Bold and Brazen Abstract Yoga Leggings

    Insert image: https://epethiya.com/products/epethiya-pretty-yoga-legging?variant=36747762444

    In these leggings, the manufacturer has played with the colors really well. You can make your own statement by wearing these colorful abstract design leggings and carry them wherever you want. The colorful geometric print these leggings have is very unique. The flexible fabric will give you the maximum comfort.

    You can avail these leggings in all sizes and at relatively affordable rate in the market. Thus celebrate this Mothers Day in a unique way with Epethiya!

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  • The Mama’s Girl!

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    Someone once asked me if a true gem existed in the world. I said yes. Mothers are true gems. They are diamonds all the precious stones one could ever find in one’s life. And for a daughter, her mother is her true friend and an asset. Therefore, the mother-daughter relationship ought to be the strongest in the world. It not just being on the side of each other, but also being there even when you’re not close. Listening to the untold and knowing each other more than anyone else can. So, what are the things one can look into a mother-daughter relationship? Here are a few:

    Being the spirit animal of each other

    It’s not necessary that you have the same likings and dis likings, but, there is no harm in enjoying what the other person enjoys. Empathize with each other and you’ll see how beautiful the bond gets.

    Best-friends kind of relationship

    Hat do best friends actually do? They act like mean girls. The make lame sarcastic jokes, laugh hard on them, judge others and be themselves. This is exactly what mother and daughter can do with each other, especially being sure of the fact that the other person is not judging you.

    Being there for each other no matter what!

    This is the actual beauty of this relationship. Mothers are always there for their daughters, in every hard and good time. They’re the backbone of their daughters. So are the daughters of their mothers. This is heart-touching indeed and most beautiful aspect of this bond.

    However, in a happy family, it’s not just the mother and daughter who have a strong bond. Fathers also act like the glue. Therefore, in other to have a happy family, all the members ought to play their role individually.

    Epethiya attempts to make this bond of mother and daughter more expressive and full of colors. It brings a number of products for both mother and daughter which serve as multipurpose matching dresses for them. Here are the products:

    1.     Coral Red Crochet Lace Holiday Beautiful Mother Daughter Shift Dress


    2.     Ivory Beige Stretchy Sleeveless Mother Daughter Dress


    3.     Baby Blue Crochet Lace Sleeveless Day Spring Shift Mommy and Me Dress


    Every little wants just to like her mother. These dresses reflect the true sense of the saying “like mother like daughter”.



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  • Gift Your Mother Stylish Accessories With Epethiya !

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    Whenever it comes to giving your mother your gift, the decision is always very difficult. We always want to make the best choice and the one which will make a way through ourmother’s heart. Epethiya has made attempts to make this decision easier for you by bringing forward a range of beautiful and sophisticated.

    Gifts are the expression of one’s love and care for the other. Therefore they should be manufactured in a way that they reflect this infatuation in a true sense. Epethiya has stressed a lot and this fact and has made this shopping experience good and memorable. The one which will make you come back every time.

    Let’s have a look at the products:

    1.     Coconut Yoga Lotus Earrings


    These beautiful and unique earrings have been manufactured from recycled coconut shell. These are must-have for all the yoga lovers. Their sophisticated design and classic black color I what makes them unique and eye-catching. Being super lightweight makes them even more convenient to carry.

    2.     Coconut Yogi Earrings


    These ones are similar to the one mentioned above but with a different design. Another unique pair to choose!

    3.     Alice Book Clutch


    These are made of the best cotton fabric in pink and grey and silver closure. These are the perfect manifestation of the fact that it’ not just the choice of things but also their unique design which makes them worth their price.

    4.     Pride and Prejudice Book phone flip case wallet for iPhone and Samsung


    This is yet another beautiful gift daughter can buy for her mother. It is manufactured from PU leather and has Navy Blue and tan illustrations which makes it one of its kind.

    5.     Great Gatsby phone flip case wallet for iPhone and Samsung


    Similar to the one mentioned above, this flip case wallet also makes the best choice for a memorable gift. It is also made from high-quality PU leather and has yellow and black illustrations. Yet another master-piece to carry!

    Therefore, you can make this Mothers Day memorable by buying your mother a memorable gift; the one which reflects your love and care in a true sense. Say goodbye to the mainstream gifts you have been giving till now. Now is the time for a good change with Epethiya.


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  • Charisma of Artistic Dresses

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    Art and culture are the biggest assets of human beings and they should make efforts to conserve it. It’s our responsibility to keep art alive and successfully transfer it to our new generations so they also get to know the beautiful ways of thought representation. Epethiya is well aware of this responsibility and it chose a different way to accomplish it. We introduced a new idea of printing these art works on fabric and let the art lovers to wear it anywhere.

    Designing and manufacturing of these artistic dresses was difficult at first because it was a unique idea and we had no previous work on it. However, the designers’ efforts proved fruitful and we enabled to produce such great masterpieces.  The beauty of these artistic dresses stuns every eye and casts a long lasting impression.

    Epethiya Artistic Dresses Collection

    Our artistic dress collection comprises leggings, skirts, and tops which are appealing to see and comfortable to wear. Leggings are made of stretchable material that can provide you much ease and comfort and never disturbs you during work. These leggings stand you out from the crowd when you wear it during workout as beautiful colors refresh your mind and give more energy for workout.

    What makes an outfit perfect? We are well aware of the factors which are necessary to make an outstanding outfit. Unique design, flexible fabric, and flawless stitching are the basic traits of our outfits which get combined and boost the beauty of your personality. Unlike copying others designs and following the same fashion trends, we believe in unique work and always design exceptional designs and choose perfect fabric because we can’t settle on less than perfect. That’s why, the wearer of our outfits always get satisfied from the work and loves to wear them.

    Skirts are the essential part of every woman’s wardrobe whether she is a working women or a college going student. Why to follow the same designs every time when Epethiya is designing gorgeous skirts for you? Small, A-line, and long skirts are the part of our collection while we claim that you can’t get comfort in any other dress which you will get from ours dresses. The stretchable material perfectly hugs our body curves and gives it an amazing shape. The material doesn’t get loose over the time and maintain its quality whether you wear it over and over again. So, get ready to wear bold dresses and bring out your inner artist!

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  • Bold and Vibrant Leggings and Tops

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    Epethiya believes in class and quality and wants the same traits in its clients as well. We design such clothes which don’t let you give them a second thought and you instantly wear decide to buy them. Artistic designs with fabulous shapes and lines add value to your personality while perfect fitting gives an amazing shape to your body. Our bold vibrant leggings and top are grabbing the attention of viewers and demand of these outfits is getting higher day by day. Here we will tell you the secret behind it.

    Vibrant Leggings  

    Without any doubt, we can claim that our designs and unique as they are especially designed by our designers. Vibrant leggings are made of stretchable fabric that keeps it at the place without losing comfort level. Beautiful flowers appeal every eye while the colors combination spell bounds the viewer. Even you feel great when you wear our vibrant leggings. Don’t worry about matching of these leggings as they perfectly pairs with different crop tops, t-shirts, and tops. Stunning designs with random shapes show your aesthetic taste and impresses everyone from your elite choice. Stay comfortable at gym and flaunt on your exclusive choice in university or even wear it at night part because our vibrant leggings fit on every occasion.

    Bold and Striking Tops

    No female wardrobe is complete without stylish tops. Epethiya has brought beautiful amendment in it to add grace in your style. Our bold and striking tops have hand-drawn designs and they are cozy to wear. The shape of the tops is according to your body shape and it provides you outstanding fitting because of the flawless crafting and stitching. Orange tree branches, strange objects, and animal shapes are printed on the tops make them unique and gorgeous. These tops are extremely useful for summer and spring season while you can pair them leggings and skirts to get a complete look.

    Epethiya is working hard to improve its quality day by day as the demand of the customers is increasing and we are getting surprising response. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and you can also observe it from the improvement we are making every day. New designs of leggings and tops are being introduced so we meet the needs of every different taste of groups and you exactly find what you are looking for. However, quality standard is still our biggest priority.

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