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  • Charisma of Artistic Dresses

    Posted on by Content Manager

    Art and culture are the biggest assets of human beings and they should make efforts to conserve it. It’s our responsibility to keep art alive and successfully transfer it to our new generations so they also get to know the beautiful ways of thought representation. Epethiya is well aware of this responsibility and it chose a different way to accomplish it. We introduced a new idea of printing these art works on fabric and let the art lovers to wear it anywhere.

    Designing and manufacturing of these artistic dresses was difficult at first because it was a unique idea and we had no previous work on it. However, the designers’ efforts proved fruitful and we enabled to produce such great masterpieces.  The beauty of these artistic dresses stuns every eye and casts a long lasting impression.

    Epethiya Artistic Dresses Collection

    Our artistic dress collection comprises leggings, skirts, and tops which are appealing to see and comfortable to wear. Leggings are made of stretchable material that can provide you much ease and comfort and never disturbs you during work. These leggings stand you out from the crowd when you wear it during workout as beautiful colors refresh your mind and give more energy for workout.

    What makes an outfit perfect? We are well aware of the factors which are necessary to make an outstanding outfit. Unique design, flexible fabric, and flawless stitching are the basic traits of our outfits which get combined and boost the beauty of your personality. Unlike copying others designs and following the same fashion trends, we believe in unique work and always design exceptional designs and choose perfect fabric because we can’t settle on less than perfect. That’s why, the wearer of our outfits always get satisfied from the work and loves to wear them.

    Skirts are the essential part of every woman’s wardrobe whether she is a working women or a college going student. Why to follow the same designs every time when Epethiya is designing gorgeous skirts for you? Small, A-line, and long skirts are the part of our collection while we claim that you can’t get comfort in any other dress which you will get from ours dresses. The stretchable material perfectly hugs our body curves and gives it an amazing shape. The material doesn’t get loose over the time and maintain its quality whether you wear it over and over again. So, get ready to wear bold dresses and bring out your inner artist!

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  • Bold and Vibrant Leggings and Tops

    Posted on by Content Manager

    Epethiya believes in class and quality and wants the same traits in its clients as well. We design such clothes which don’t let you give them a second thought and you instantly wear decide to buy them. Artistic designs with fabulous shapes and lines add value to your personality while perfect fitting gives an amazing shape to your body. Our bold vibrant leggings and top are grabbing the attention of viewers and demand of these outfits is getting higher day by day. Here we will tell you the secret behind it.

    Vibrant Leggings  

    Without any doubt, we can claim that our designs and unique as they are especially designed by our designers. Vibrant leggings are made of stretchable fabric that keeps it at the place without losing comfort level. Beautiful flowers appeal every eye while the colors combination spell bounds the viewer. Even you feel great when you wear our vibrant leggings. Don’t worry about matching of these leggings as they perfectly pairs with different crop tops, t-shirts, and tops. Stunning designs with random shapes show your aesthetic taste and impresses everyone from your elite choice. Stay comfortable at gym and flaunt on your exclusive choice in university or even wear it at night part because our vibrant leggings fit on every occasion.

    Bold and Striking Tops

    No female wardrobe is complete without stylish tops. Epethiya has brought beautiful amendment in it to add grace in your style. Our bold and striking tops have hand-drawn designs and they are cozy to wear. The shape of the tops is according to your body shape and it provides you outstanding fitting because of the flawless crafting and stitching. Orange tree branches, strange objects, and animal shapes are printed on the tops make them unique and gorgeous. These tops are extremely useful for summer and spring season while you can pair them leggings and skirts to get a complete look.

    Epethiya is working hard to improve its quality day by day as the demand of the customers is increasing and we are getting surprising response. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and you can also observe it from the improvement we are making every day. New designs of leggings and tops are being introduced so we meet the needs of every different taste of groups and you exactly find what you are looking for. However, quality standard is still our biggest priority.

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  • Folklore: Mythology to Cling to

    Posted on by Content Manager

    Epethiya loves and pays huge respect to artists and their artwork. We want to keep alive the beauty of artistic styles and traditions as art is the other name of life and a beautiful way to represent the thoughts of person is pectoral form. Art has made it so simple to capturing the views and beauty of nature and it was the only way for ancient people to show and preserve their moods and happening. Epethiya considers artistic work a great asset that needs to be preserved and revive. Folklore is our outfit collection to give tribute the talented artists who invented and worked on Mithila painting in the past. Before revealing more about it, we would like to briefly inform you about Folklore.

    Introduction to Mithila Painting

      Mithila painting originated from India and it was created by women of Bihar. The art is also known as Madhubani painting and being practiced in different parts of India and Nepal. Artists use twigs, fingers, and matchsticks for it while many others use brushes as well. Only natural pigments are used in it and most of the artists use it to capture particular events like marriage ceremonies, Holi, and Dewali.

    There are five different styles of Mithila paiting and all are perfectly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Kohbar, Bharni, Tantrik, godna, and katchni are the different styles of Mithila painting and names are given to them due to the upper castes women who created this painting.


    Our Folklore collection is the true depiction of Mithila painting. Opaque fabric is used for the manufacturing for the printing of these outstanding outfits. Artists do hand painting and later it  is sent to mill where compression fit performance fabric is used for the manufacturing of the design in Montreal. Special attention is given to the entire manufacturing process and don’t ignore any minor details because it impacts on the overall quality of the fabric. 

    The handmade art work doesn’t only look mesmerizing but also refreshes your mind due to the vibrant colors. Leave long lasting impression with delicate floral leggings and flaunt the amazing curves of your body wearing our flare dress. Dark leaves fitting skirt will stand your out from the crowd while abstract flare skirt will perfectly match with every cardigan. Different designs of leggings and skirts answer to the need of various body shapes and give your desired look. So get ready to turn every head and impress every eye from your striking style!

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  • Shop the Raging Trends: 3 insanely Hot Trends you simply shouldn’t live Without Flaunting!

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    Attention shopaholics!

    Are you ready to shop the raging trends of the season? We at Epethiya have all the right trendy picks to satiate your shopaholic cravings and make your style statement the talk of the town. So, what are we waiting for?

    Let’s feast our eyes on the 3 Major Trends of the Season:


    1.   All Ruffled Up!




    Last year, ruffles were brutally labelled as the most disastrously unwearable trend, right? Well, things have undergone a delightful change this season, and ruffles have emerged as the most gorgeous trend to have been revamped from the 80’s.

    Designers have given us a myriad of delicate ruffles draped around the necklines, hemlines, and in some glorious pieces, the travel all the day down the dress in a drop dead seductive cascade. Lucky for you, Epethiya has a delightful collection of ruffled up dresses, skirts and tops to help you flaunt this exciting trend to a glamorous hilt!

    2.   Audaciously Deep!




    Did you have a great time flaunting the insanely chic cold shoulder patches and off-the-shoulder dresses last year? Who didn’t!

    This spring, get ready to embrace a much bolder and raunchier side of the seductive off-the-shoulder trend for designers have given it a tantalizingly deeper look with heaps of shoulder straps, beauty bones and plenty of revealing. These pieces are perfectly on-point to beat the heat and cool off during the horridly humid months of summer.

    And Epethiya provides you just the right off-the-shoulder looks you need for all your street style occasions. From casual tops to sleek formal jumpsuits, above-the-knee dress, rompers and much more. The variety is truly endless, come have a look!

    3.   Floral Delights





    Spring is all about floral prints, intricate motifs, floral embroideries, blossomy detailing, sprouting buds-basically it’s that time of the year when you need full-fledged garden-inspired wardrobe. The best thing about floral prints is the fact that they accentuate our romantic femininity and allow us to ravish our inner goddess with the glamour of floral power. Not to forget how attractive they make us to the opposite sex, now who wants to miss out on all that fun?

    So, start stocking up heaps of florals, and they are so super functional at beating the heat, you’ll be flaunting these pieces throughout summer. Check out our insanely gorgeous floral collection and you’ll be swooning with delight in no time.


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