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Epethiya loves and pays huge respect to artists and their artwork. We want to keep alive the beauty of artistic styles and traditions as art is the other name of life and a beautiful way to represent the thoughts of person is pectoral form. Art has made it so simple to capturing the views and beauty of nature and it was the only way for ancient people to show and preserve their moods and happening. Epethiya considers artistic work a great asset that needs to be preserved and revive. Folklore is our outfit collection to give tribute the talented artists who invented and worked on Mithila painting in the past. Before revealing more about it, we would like to briefly inform you about Folklore.

Introduction to Mithila Painting

  Mithila painting originated from India and it was created by women of Bihar. The art is also known as Madhubani painting and being practiced in different parts of India and Nepal. Artists use twigs, fingers, and matchsticks for it while many others use brushes as well. Only natural pigments are used in it and most of the artists use it to capture particular events like marriage ceremonies, Holi, and Dewali.

There are five different styles of Mithila paiting and all are perfectly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Kohbar, Bharni, Tantrik, godna, and katchni are the different styles of Mithila painting and names are given to them due to the upper castes women who created this painting.


Our Folklore collection is the true depiction of Mithila painting. Opaque fabric is used for the manufacturing for the printing of these outstanding outfits. Artists do hand painting and later it  is sent to mill where compression fit performance fabric is used for the manufacturing of the design in Montreal. Special attention is given to the entire manufacturing process and don’t ignore any minor details because it impacts on the overall quality of the fabric. 

The handmade art work doesn’t only look mesmerizing but also refreshes your mind due to the vibrant colors. Leave long lasting impression with delicate floral leggings and flaunt the amazing curves of your body wearing our flare dress. Dark leaves fitting skirt will stand your out from the crowd while abstract flare skirt will perfectly match with every cardigan. Different designs of leggings and skirts answer to the need of various body shapes and give your desired look. So get ready to turn every head and impress every eye from your striking style!