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Whenever a woman is born, there is a mother inside her. The amazing mother she’ll grow up to be, the mother of her children, their shade and asset, their guide. However, there is something else also, apart from all these usual responsibilities; the feelings of true love, infatuation and the reflection of true friendship. All these feelings amalgamate into a single personality who amazingly delivers these more beautifully than anyone else can.

This Mothers Day, celebrate the beauty of this personality with Epethiya. It brings you a range of products which are specially designed to reflect the true personality of a mother. All the girls out there can buy these for their mothers as well as for themselves. After all, they’ll also grow up to be one, one day.

These skin-hugging leggings have been manufactured from the best-quality fabric. The careful choice o colors and design makes them even more eye-catching. The vibrant prints which are promised to never fade and provide fit performance will be a unique choice for this Mothers Day.

Let’s have a look at the products:

1.     Watching You Yoga Legging

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These leggings are best at providing comfort. Their design reflects a mother’s nature in a true sense. The eyes are indicative of how keen mothers are about their child’s activities and how strong an eye they keeps on him. Moreover, the vibrant colors really uplift the beauty of these leggings and attract the sight of customers.

2.     I am Pretty Legging

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This can be a perfect choice for yoga as well as dinner. These skim-hugging legging will definitely make you stand out in the gathering! The choice of colors in the manufacture of these leggings seems to be a very thoughtful one. The purple color stands out and gives it a cool look.

3.     Bold and Brazen Abstract Yoga Leggings

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In these leggings, the manufacturer has played with the colors really well. You can make your own statement by wearing these colorful abstract design leggings and carry them wherever you want. The colorful geometric print these leggings have is very unique. The flexible fabric will give you the maximum comfort.

You can avail these leggings in all sizes and at relatively affordable rate in the market. Thus celebrate this Mothers Day in a unique way with Epethiya!