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Someone once asked me if a true gem existed in the world. I said yes. Mothers are true gems. They are diamonds all the precious stones one could ever find in one’s life. And for a daughter, her mother is her true friend and an asset. Therefore, the mother-daughter relationship ought to be the strongest in the world. It not just being on the side of each other, but also being there even when you’re not close. Listening to the untold and knowing each other more than anyone else can. So, what are the things one can look into a mother-daughter relationship? Here are a few:

Being the spirit animal of each other

It’s not necessary that you have the same likings and dis likings, but, there is no harm in enjoying what the other person enjoys. Empathize with each other and you’ll see how beautiful the bond gets.

Best-friends kind of relationship

Hat do best friends actually do? They act like mean girls. The make lame sarcastic jokes, laugh hard on them, judge others and be themselves. This is exactly what mother and daughter can do with each other, especially being sure of the fact that the other person is not judging you.

Being there for each other no matter what!

This is the actual beauty of this relationship. Mothers are always there for their daughters, in every hard and good time. They’re the backbone of their daughters. So are the daughters of their mothers. This is heart-touching indeed and most beautiful aspect of this bond.

However, in a happy family, it’s not just the mother and daughter who have a strong bond. Fathers also act like the glue. Therefore, in other to have a happy family, all the members ought to play their role individually.

Epethiya attempts to make this bond of mother and daughter more expressive and full of colors. It brings a number of products for both mother and daughter which serve as multipurpose matching dresses for them. Here are the products:

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Every little wants just to like her mother. These dresses reflect the true sense of the saying “like mother like daughter”.