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Whenever it comes to giving your mother your gift, the decision is always very difficult. We always want to make the best choice and the one which will make a way through ourmother’s heart. Epethiya has made attempts to make this decision easier for you by bringing forward a range of beautiful and sophisticated.

Gifts are the expression of one’s love and care for the other. Therefore they should be manufactured in a way that they reflect this infatuation in a true sense. Epethiya has stressed a lot and this fact and has made this shopping experience good and memorable. The one which will make you come back every time.

Let’s have a look at the products:

1.     Coconut Yoga Lotus Earrings

These beautiful and unique earrings have been manufactured from recycled coconut shell. These are must-have for all the yoga lovers. Their sophisticated design and classic black color I what makes them unique and eye-catching. Being super lightweight makes them even more convenient to carry.

2.     Coconut Yogi Earrings

These ones are similar to the one mentioned above but with a different design. Another unique pair to choose!

3.     Alice Book Clutch

These are made of the best cotton fabric in pink and grey and silver closure. These are the perfect manifestation of the fact that it’ not just the choice of things but also their unique design which makes them worth their price.

4.     Pride and Prejudice Book phone flip case wallet for iPhone and Samsung

This is yet another beautiful gift daughter can buy for her mother. It is manufactured from PU leather and has Navy Blue and tan illustrations which makes it one of its kind.

5.     Great Gatsby phone flip case wallet for iPhone and Samsung

Similar to the one mentioned above, this flip case wallet also makes the best choice for a memorable gift. It is also made from high-quality PU leather and has yellow and black illustrations. Yet another master-piece to carry!

Therefore, you can make this Mothers Day memorable by buying your mother a memorable gift; the one which reflects your love and care in a true sense. Say goodbye to the mainstream gifts you have been giving till now. Now is the time for a good change with Epethiya.